No, Germany is NOT a frontrunner in climate politics.

I come from a vastly over-rated country: the Federal Republic of Germany. Why is that? Because “we” are seen as a country that showed the world that a decoupling of emissions from economic growth is possible. As the fourth-largest economy worldwide, “we” are cutting back emissions and push for international climate protection. “We” have shown […]

Debate on Growth!

As one of the first actions on my new job at the Boell Foundation in Berlin, Germany, I started an online-debate on growth. It is based not on economic data and all these old arguments, but circles around fundamental lifestyle- and human-behavior thoughts. This is based on an interesting Essay by Professor Welzer, a sociologist. […]

Two-Faced Europe: EU companies fund climate skeptics in the US

Yesterday some articles appeared which highlighted the sad role of some of Europe’s most powerful corporations, uncluding British Petrol, Royal Dutch Shell, and some Germans like E.On or Bayer. The European section of the Climate Action Network (CAN) compiled a report (pdf) on this matter “Using information which this month became available in the Open […]

Europe falls back on windenergy

This table showed me how a “wind of change” is blowing over Europe. Brain-dead political zombies are trying to reverse the good policies of the past.  They want atomic energy, “clean coal” or biomass from Africa instead of renewable energy, harvested from the sun, the winds and the streams. Sad outlook that makes even the […]

I also shouted "push"!

Again, the Danish Government tries to persecute peaceful (?) climate-activists. It seems as if the cruel punishment by armored police men in December, who tied down girls the age of 17 to the cold street and let them freeze off their butts all night. (Maybe this is where children-torturing police in Stuttgart got the idea […]

7 Objectives for Cancun

Today I read on an eMail-list that the UNFCCC had given out seven key objectives that make Cancun a success. It was said that now everybody aims for small but steady progress instead of dully believing into a “big bang” of climate policy. These are the seven key objectives. Formalising pledges to mitigate climate change, […]

Swedish 2010 elections don't deliver Green Promises!

The swedish elections, held last sunday, were dissappointing to every respect possible. The last somwhat progressive country in Europe fell ultimately to right-wing populism and centre-right nonsense. Sweden served as a role-model for much of Europe’s Social Democrats as well as people dreaming of more equal societies. The question Europe now has to answer is […]