Carbon Counter and Final Date Online


It seems, like the internet knows too much. Can we see our own death soon? Well, at least if you take it in terms of probability, we could. Because science warns that the 2°C threshold will very likely cause severe climate change effects (nonetheless, some regions face those already!), one can approximately say how much CO2 we have left to emit. If we want to stay with a „most likely“ chance below 2 degrees, we have only one trillion tons of CO2 we as humans can emit in addition to natural processes. This corresponds to the 350 ppm target. To have a three in four chance to stay below 2 degress, we need to cap our emissions at 3/4 of a trillion tons.

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Check out this counter to see, how much tons we have emitted until now, when the trillionth ton is reached and how steep the decline an annual emissions would have to be, to get to to zero emissions by that date. (Remember: we will never ever reach zero emissions due to some processes that necessarily require CO2 being emitted. Thus, the decline needs to be even steeper!)

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