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US imposes tariffs on Chinese Solar

The USA has stated to impose import-tariffs on cheaper Chinese solar panels in order to protect its own industry. (see Guardian) The Obama administration, which regularly champions America’s cleanenergy industry, has delivered modest support for home-grown solar panel makers complaining of unfair competition from China In a much-anticipated decision, the commerce department on Tuesday said it would impose […]

SPIEGEL: The EU's Emissions Trading System Isn't Working

I was surprised when a Brazilian colleague send me an English article on Carbon Trading by the German SPIEGEL-magazine (it sometimes publishes stuff in English). It was a full critique of the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU-ETS) and although it’s far from being a general critique of the financialization of the commons / nature, it […]

Bridge to Nowhere?!

The battle over the interpretation of COP-17 in Durban is raging with some prominent voices seeing a breakthrough while others feel fortified in their belief that the whole system of the UNFCCC is about to crash against the wall. While climate science is clearly backing the latter perspective, it may still be of a certain […]

Durban Debacle (from Payal)

Hi there. I was in Durban at the COP-17 conference for the past weeks. I just saw my friend Payal writing a nice summary which i share. Thus, allow me to redirect you to her site: Durban Debacle Over thirty-six hours after the climate change conference countries agreed to a weak agreement that is lacking […]

No, Germany is NOT a frontrunner in climate politics.

I come from a vastly over-rated country: the Federal Republic of Germany. Why is that? Because “we” are seen as a country that showed the world that a decoupling of emissions from economic growth is possible. As the fourth-largest economy worldwide, “we” are cutting back emissions and push for international climate protection. “We” have shown […]

Carbon Counter and Final Date Online

It seems, like the internet knows too much. Can we see our own death soon? Well, at least if you take it in terms of probability, we could. Because science warns that the 2°C threshold will very likely cause severe climate change effects (nonetheless, some regions face those already!), one can approximately say how much […]

Two-Faced Europe: EU companies fund climate skeptics in the US

Yesterday some articles appeared which highlighted the sad role of some of Europe’s most powerful corporations, uncluding British Petrol, Royal Dutch Shell, and some Germans like E.On or Bayer. The European section of the Climate Action Network (CAN) compiled a report (pdf) on this matter “Using information which this month became available in the Open […]

Europe falls back on windenergy

This table showed me how a “wind of change” is blowing over Europe. Brain-dead political zombies are trying to reverse the good policies of the past.  They want atomic energy, “clean coal” or biomass from Africa instead of renewable energy, harvested from the sun, the winds and the streams. Sad outlook that makes even the […]

7 Objectives for Cancun

Today I read on an eMail-list that the UNFCCC had given out seven key objectives that make Cancun a success. It was said that now everybody aims for small but steady progress instead of dully believing into a “big bang” of climate policy. These are the seven key objectives. Formalising pledges to mitigate climate change, […]

Share of World Emissions

Soure: http://www.germanwatch.org/