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Turning Away from Coal (?)

My friend Arne wrote a blog-entry yesterday about the decrease in coal energy in the U.S. and linked a WSJ-article. It read (my corrections in read): Black Days for Coal An analysis of the impact over the next several years if all coal-fired power plants must install sulfur-dioxide scrubbers to meet EPA emissions standards for […]

KOCH INDUSTRIES = Climate "Skepticism" + Too Much Money

When talking about climate change skeptics, global warming deniers and other wrong-doers who try effectively to stall a good policy for saving the planet, one also has to take into account one question: where is the money from? During the research for my final thesis, I came across a number of names, but one was […]

Global Young Greens Cancun Paper

This is the GYG Cancun Paper, approved by the Congress in Berlin on August, 13th, 2010. Introduced by: FYEG (Federation of Young European Greens) We, the Global Young Greens (GYG), are deeply disappointed, dissatisfied and frustrated by the outcome of the United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen in December 2009. Many of us, who have […]

Bonn III – revenge of the bad deal

The divide between supporters of the Copenhagen Accord (CA) and those countries, who favour the Bali Action Plan (BAP) became once again visible to all in Bonn. Further, the negotiation discourse was tried to be changed, again between these rival groups. One side tried to work more on a conceptual change to provide their positions […]

Cap and Dividend or Cap and Divide?

As the battle over a “cap-and-trade” bill in the U.S. Senate went from hot to dead-cold after Dems showed signs of putting politics over policy and fencesitting Republican Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) left John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Liebermann (I-Conn.) alone with their “American Power Act”, a new sign of hope where one could go emerged. […]

SDRs from the IMF for Climate Financing?

Please take note of this insightful blog from Liane, co-head of the Washington office of the hbf. The IMFs Sales Pitch for Climate SDRs Published on 05.02.2010 by Liane Schalatek In the past, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has often been accussed of “mission grab” –its attempt to gain legitimacy, relevance and more international power […]

Who is on board?

The “soft deadline” passed this weekend and 31 countries representing almost 3/4th of global emissions have signed the Copenhagen Accord and put in their numbers. THE numbers: how much they want to reduce their emissions. Interestingly, the big players (US, China, EU) are there together with the rather small guys (Bangladesh, Samoa, Costa Rica). Sadly, […]

New smart model fails in Ecuador

Some days ago, the President of Ecuador officially said that their model of saving their precious and valuable rainforests has failed as not enough money was collected. Raffael Correa has pledged in2007 to keep a total of 850 Barrel crude oil in the ground below the Yasuni Rainforest if the Western Nations pay what Ecuador […]

Draf Obama and Hu discussed on until a few minutes ago…

CLICK HERE (Source: Timesonline)

We have a deal (but what kind of deal)?

Some voices are standing opposite to what the media was collaborating today. The Green politician Hermann Ott told the German newspaper “Taz” that a political binding agreement was already hammered out between the USA and China. Supposedly, 24% will be the amount that developed countries want to mitigate until 2020 – calculating the loopholes this […]