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Obama gibt Klimaschutz eine neue Chance

Gestern hielt US-Präsident Barack Obama eine mit spannung erwartete Rede zur Lage des amerikanischen Klimaschutzes. Dabei kündigte er weitreichende Einschnitte v.a. für die Kohleverbrennung an. Allerdings gehört auch die Killer-Technologie Atomkraft sowie unkonventionelles Erdgas zu den Energieformen, die Obama weiter forcieren will. Hintergrund dessen ist aber wohl eher, dass er die Wirtschaft und Konservative (Republikaner, […]

Climate Change and the Good Life

March 1, 2012, by Georg Koessler Online at: Global climate change represents a threat to the lives of many millions of people. Changes in the climate are reflected in specific weather conditions: droughts, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters that we experience or see on television can be traced back to global warming. These problems […]

US imposes tariffs on Chinese Solar

The USA has stated to impose import-tariffs on cheaper Chinese solar panels in order to protect its own industry. (see Guardian) The Obama administration, which regularly champions America’s cleanenergy industry, has delivered modest support for home-grown solar panel makers complaining of unfair competition from China In a much-anticipated decision, the commerce department on Tuesday said it would impose […]

SPIEGEL: The EU's Emissions Trading System Isn't Working

I was surprised when a Brazilian colleague send me an English article on Carbon Trading by the German SPIEGEL-magazine (it sometimes publishes stuff in English). It was a full critique of the EU’s Emission Trading System (EU-ETS) and although it’s far from being a general critique of the financialization of the commons / nature, it […]

A Darker Shade of Green

There is an interesting 28-min film coming out soon. Over the course of a year, Global Justice Ecology Project has documented the impacts of and resistance to REDD, in Cancun and Chiapas, Mexico, in Acre, Brazil, and among environmental justice communities in California. A Darker Shade of Green: REDD Alert and the Future of Forests puts this […]

5 funny ways to save the planet (or at least to try it)

I’ve found this funny compilation on 5 crazy things to save the planet. My favourite is flooding the Death Valley (which is below sea level!) in order to prevent sea levels to rise at the coast. The article puts the most commonly known Solar Radiation Management (SRM) tactics – namely to make more clouds over […]

Bridge to Nowhere?!

The battle over the interpretation of COP-17 in Durban is raging with some prominent voices seeing a breakthrough while others feel fortified in their belief that the whole system of the UNFCCC is about to crash against the wall. While climate science is clearly backing the latter perspective, it may still be of a certain […]

Climate changes Migration

Nice video from Ska Keller, MEP [youtube=]

Green Apps – Greenwashing or answer to the Zeitgeist?

There are uncountable apps out there in the world and many of them have the ambition of being somehow “green”. Most of these are classical lifestyle-apps which give you a certain information which you could have found on the internet as well. (But it is sooo cool to have an app for it, right?) I […]

Debate on Growth!

As one of the first actions on my new job at the Boell Foundation in Berlin, Germany, I started an online-debate on growth. It is based not on economic data and all these old arguments, but circles around fundamental lifestyle- and human-behavior thoughts. This is based on an interesting Essay by Professor Welzer, a sociologist. […]