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The Robin Hood Tax

Is it really that easy? Yes it is! But if a push for the „tobin tax“ fails, it could ultimately show us how fucked up humankind is. I have still (a little bit of) hope. Please sign and share this! THE ROBIN HOOD TAX. [youtube=]

New Video from OXFAM and HBF

The NGO Oxfam and the German Institute and Green Think-Tank Heinrich Böll Foundation have made a new video which I strongly recommend to all of you. [youtube=]

Frank Habineza and the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda under fire

I am sad to write, that our friends form the Greens in Rwanda, headed by Global Greens Coordination member, motor of the African Greens and friend of the Global Young Greens – Frank Habineza – are still being persecuted from a government that fears electoral competition. Please read the letter below. On Fri, Feb 5, […]

Massachusetts Murder!

A Letter to Massachusetts: Dear Swing-voters in Massachusetts, you indeed have a reason to end a decade-long rule by one party over the Senate seat that was filled last week. Even more taking into account that your informal royal family – the Kennedys – have taken this spot for so long. Despite me being a […]