Durban Debacle (from Payal)


Hi there.
I was in Durban at the COP-17 conference for the past weeks. I just saw my friend Payal writing a nice summary which i share. Thus, allow me to redirect you to her site:

Durban Debacle

Over thirty-six hours after the climate change conference countries agreed to a weak agreement that is lacking in ambition, equity and justice. While a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol has been agreed to, three major polluters Japan, Canada and Russia (and of course the United States) are not participating, the targets are much lower than what science demands, and there are a number of loopholes that essentially negate the targets. Forestry management rules are akin to cooking the books, and dealing with surplus AAUs has been punted to next year. It is not yet clear whether the commitment period is 5 years or 8 years long.
The meaningful and visionary components of the Bali Action Plan (BAP), a roadmap that aimed at getting the United States to take action against climate change and expand the focus of the climate change agreement to include mitigation in developing countries, technology transfer, finance and adaptation, have been lost. Negotiations on the BAP will end next year. While decisions have been taken on some issues, there are a number of pending issues that are not likely to be dealt with.
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