Demonstration “Freedom not Fear 2010 – stop surveillance mania!”


Freedom not Fear Header, Link to english Demands

I was today on the demonstration „Freiheit statt Angst“ (Freedom not Fear) in Berlin with approx. 15.000 other people, friends and comrades. It was a very peaceful and coloful demonstration against th increased surveillance in Germany following the 9-11 attacks in the U.S.A.
The english call:

Demonstration “Freedom not Fear 2010 – stop surveillance mania!” on 11 September 2010 13:00, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin.
A broad movement of campaigners and organizations is calling on everybody to join action against excessive surveillance by governments and businesses, the motto being “Freedom not fear 2010 – stop surveillance mania!” in Berlin.
The demonstration is part of the international action day “Freedom not fear”: Civil rights activists all around the world will protest against increasing surveillance by governments and businesses.


1st Reduce Monitoring
2nd Evaluation of existing surveillance powers
3rd Moratorium for new surveillance powers
4th Ensure freedom of expression and freedom of expression and information via the Internet

  • Green bloc at demonstration
Green bloc at demonstration, Source: Gruene_Leipzig

Google Street-View Car (Fake)

Google Street-View Car (Fake), Source: Stammstrecke

1984 was not suppos to be an instruction manual

smart slogan, Source: dinugherman

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