I also shouted "push"!


Again, the Danish Government tries to persecute peaceful (?) climate-activists. It seems as if the cruel punishment by armored police men in December, who tied down girls the age of 17 to the cold street and let them freeze off their butts all night. (Maybe this is where children-torturing police in Stuttgart got the idea from?). Now, there is yet another trial against two activists. Stine Gry Jonassen and Tannie Nyboe were supposedly the leaders of a bulk of people who wanted to storm the Bella Center and eat all delegations… something like this. Really scary. Why? Because they shouted „push“.

pictures fo people holding sign "I also shouted push"

pictures fo people holding sign "I also shouted push" - http://also.climatecollective.org/

Well, this sounds funny. But in reality, around 1.000 people shouted push and the whole action was called „Push for Climate Justice„.  Indeed, it was not only a symbolic push. The activists tried to get over the fence into the well-guarded front-yard of the Bella center to meet there with people from the inside for a „People’s Assembly“. This was also known before.
We all shouted push – either you get all of us or none of us. The Climate Justice Movement is based on equality of all people. This, consequently, comes down to the point that we do not have „leaders“ and we stand for it together. Despite myself being not on the spot that day (missed the train, dang!), I mentally pushed for climate justice. Can you spot my solidarity-picture?

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