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Volksinitiative für einen Klima Bürger*innenrat in Berlin

Am 22. Juli 2020 hat die Organisation Klimaneustart Berlin (ehemals Klimanotstand Berlin) eine Volksinitiative für einen Klima Bürger*innenrat in Berlin gestartet. Die Initiative kommt genau zur richtigen Zeit, denn breites zivilgesellschaftliches Engagement für mehr Klimaschutz ist für uns Grüne Rückenwind und Ansporn zugleich. Die Klimakrise ist im vollen Gange. Um das Ziel des Pariser Klimaabkommens […]

Bridge to Nowhere?!

The battle over the interpretation of COP-17 in Durban is raging with some prominent voices seeing a breakthrough while others feel fortified in their belief that the whole system of the UNFCCC is about to crash against the wall. While climate science is clearly backing the latter perspective, it may still be of a certain […]

KOCH INDUSTRIES = Climate "Skepticism" + Too Much Money

When talking about climate change skeptics, global warming deniers and other wrong-doers who try effectively to stall a good policy for saving the planet, one also has to take into account one question: where is the money from? During the research for my final thesis, I came across a number of names, but one was […]

Cabinet of Mongolia Meets in the Desert…

This is the english echo of a Blog already posted in German on my department’s blog at the Böll Foundation. Prior to the Copenhagen Climate Disaster Conference, Mohamed Nasheed, President of the Maledives created rabblement. He invited his entire Cabinet to a Underwater-Meeting. In doing so, he wanted to show the dooming prospect of climate change […]

Glaciers in the Himalaya and why they are so valuable

While climate-deniers and other „free thinkers“ still debate the lack of professionality of the IPCC concerning the two sentences on the glacier melting-process inthe Himalaya (remind: the IPCC took just one source which was unsure after all while most of the other stuff in the IPCC-report AR4 s verified by several hundreds of scientists), the […]